Big Data and Social Media

ATCG Solutions specializes in consolidation of data from social media, enterprise databases and other rudimentary databases and apply business logic.

SMAC(Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) + Enterprise Data

Consolidate + Analyze = Decision Driver


Want to learn more about the world of Big Data and Social media.  One very common use is to extract Twitter data into a Big Data solution such as Hadoop.  You can learn how simple this really is in our eBook, "Learn How To Stream Twitter Data Into Hadoop" by clicking the button below.

Learn How to Stream Twitter Data   Into Hadoop

IoT Data Analytic Solutions

More and more devices are now connected.  In fact, it is estimated there were 16 billion connected devices by the end of 2014.  This represents a potential 19 trillion USD marketing opportunity according to CISCO, and for our customers, represents a challenge to:

  • Understand just what data is being generated by their operations
  • Get all their devices talking the same language
  • Uncover useful insights from the stream of data

ATCG Solutions Partnered with Hortonworks and Datameer to provide our customer Rapid Deployment Solutions in


Information Analysis


Optimize & Automate Process


Understanding which solutions provide the right platform for dealing with the torrent of data coming from all the sensors requires deep expertise from datawarehouse specialist, data scientist and process specialist. Customers are faced with a wide array of potential big data solutions, and we pride ourselves on knowing what's available, how to select them and how to integrate them with your systems. As this is a complex subject area, we believe it is best to start with the fundamentals, which you can begin to master with our FREE eBook "Internet of Things Fundamental 101"


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Leverage Business Intelligence with Big Data

Using our proprietary methodologies we help companies strategize, define and develop Big Data Roadmaps.

Big Data Roadmap

Leverage BI and Big Data

Big Data Magic Quadrant

Big Data Magic Quadrant

We conduct regular analysis of the leading Big Data solution providers and developed a comparison tool to help you decide on the best Big Data tool for your needs.  You can download it for FREE here.

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